November 9, 2015 · New Features

Bank transfer support

in our last update, released today, we included support for organizers to accept orders paid with bank transfer.

But a bank transfers is an offline payment method, so how does it works on Eventify?

We made it simple.

Login with your credentials to the organizer panel, then click on the event name -> Settings -> Payments.

Settings -> Payments

Here you find all available payments method for this event. Enable the bank transfer and add the payment coordinates as following:

Enabling bank transfer

And that's it!

So what happens when a participant select the bank transfer payment method?
A pending payment page will be displayed, like this one.

Payment pending

The organizer can see this order into its orders page, with a "waiting payment" status and with a special "Mark as paid" button.

Mark as paid button

Clicking this button mark the order as paid and the participant will be moved to the attendees list.

All the steps in this process are integrated with email notifications to participants and organizers, which optionally could also notify participants when they click on the "Mark as paid" button.

Mark as paid modal

So this is how we handle bank transfers, an option that we believe will increase the selling opportunities for your business.

Stay tuned for the next updates!
Happy events,

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