November 3, 2015 · New Features

Enable and disable pages in your conference website

We just delivered an upgrade to our Conference Website addon, which is at the moment free to use (signup before it's too late!).

We understood from your feedbacks that sometimes displaying program, speakers, and sponsors is too much, because some events do not have all this stuff and it's not optimal having empty pages.

A sad empty page A sad empty page

But now, problem solved!

Login to your organizer panel, and click on your event. Then on the left sidebar click on Conference Website and then on Contents.

Be sure to have the Conference Website addon enabled, otherwise you won't see any Conference Website link on your left sidebar.

You should see a page like the following.

Define the visible pages

Define the visible pages

Now simply check or uncheck the pages you want to show or hide and they will be displayed/hidden in the conference website menu.

That's all for today, stay tuned for more updates about Eventify!

PS: Special thanks to Jill from the Bayview Community for the feedback.

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