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How you can get a great logo for your startup and how we got ours

In the past weeks we thought a lot about our logo. We used to have a text based logo that was far from being called a real brand, so we decided it was time for a serious upgrade. We ended up hiring a local designer, he did a tremendous job and you can see the result today, we are showing it off for the first time!
Unfortunately the redesign came at a very high cost, not just the money needed to design it. In this post I want to explain the reasons behind our decisions and why we really think you should do the same.

This story begins months ago, during the private beta of Eventify. At that time our team was composed only by software engineers, we had no internally hired designers so we couldn’t work on a brand by our own. For that reason we choose to design a minimal logo, quickly during the development of our product. Honestly we didn’t put our heads on that, at that time we simply thought we were wasting both our time and focus, that should instead have been on the product development. Call it “engineers mistake” or whatever, it was a wrong choice.

It was a great mistake, because our early customers are now used to recognise the old brand and because all our previous marketing efforts will seriously be affected by the upcoming change. Of course, we can always look backwards to change our old logo where it appears, but it’s not always possible and it will cost us a huge amount of work.

And I’m not done, there’s also a hidden but sadly true reason about why this was a mistake, more important than any of the reasons above: changing a brand also coincide with the creation of a doubt in our customers minds, a doubt about something going wrong, about an ongoing change and “why the hell you haven’t thought me!”, which translates implicitly to “this service is not safe for my business”.
There is almost nothing you can do about this except exhaustively communicating what happened and why.

But we really had no choice, we absolutely needed a new brand for marketing reasons and we are now ready to deal with the consequences. If you’re going to do the same, I warn you to be ready.

So, back to the design process, we had the chance of purchasing a logo from an online service, for a relatively cheap amount of money, or alternatively we could have hired a local designer, at a higher price.
Online services usually works like this: you put a description of your business and the design requirements, pay a predefined amount of money and a bunch of guys from all over the world starts working on your project, providing multiple solutions for you to choose. Your money will be sent to the designer of the logo you pick.
There are a lot of worldwide famous brands that used services like these, but we don’t personally like this solution. First of all, ethic: we don’t want people working for us without getting the appropriate money. I know the designed logos are sometimes amazing (some other times looks like stock images), we simply consider that unfair.

Also, we really wanted the result of a process, not a finished product. We would like to discuss and understand, because this also highlight the idea and the plans we have for our product and which directions we may take in the future. The risk you’re going through is simple: you shouldn’t use a logo with a bus if you’re now building cars and the next thing you’re going to do consists of building planes.

For this reasons, we hired a local designer. Sergio Pedercini, and he did an awesome work that we are proud to show you today.

Eventify logo

I hope our story will help your business avoiding the same mistakes we made, or at least, give you good suggestions about having a new brand.

See you at the next post!

For more behind the scenes stories about our startup Eventify follow this blog.

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