June 30, 2014

Announcement: we shipped it! Try our service!

It took some time but now we can say goodbye to our old landing page, we are online with the new website! We reached the public beta status, you can sign up and use our free CMS for events immediately, no billing informations required. Now it’s your time to send us feedbacks and suggestion.

We are still in our early days, with a long of road to do, but this day signs a big milestone.
The last months were crazy, we shipped a lot of features and we organized what we think is a good pricing offer for our services. I want to thank our early customers, they gave us a development direction and a lot of useful feedback to dramatically improve our products. We are really proud having you on board.

So what’s next? We are going to improve our products, adding to our CMS a better social networks support, improving the translations and finalizing the statistics section.
We would also like to follow your feedbacks so if you need something that we don’t have yet just tell us, we try our best to direct our efforts into customers required features.

At the end, before reminding the coordinates to join Eventify, I wanna say thanks to Federico and Davide, the team, for the strong amount of work and for the fun we had working together.

So, to sign up for a new Eventify account click here. As said before it’s free and requires no billing informations.

And let us know if you like it. ;-)

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