May 9, 2014

Join our private beta

nally that time has arrived. From this week we are enabling users to test our service inside the private beta program. Why should this be interesting? Because we have two big news for you, and none of this is a boring marketing announcement. We love concrete stuff, so here is our presents to celebrate this day.

But before that, what follows is a little bit of our history.


Eventify started from a customer request five months ago. It’s based on a real and valuable need:

A simple and quick tool to reduce time and costs of the conference website management, with an excellent mobile support.

Our customer was aware of the issues you get when you hire a third party for that job:

With this need we started Eventify and we hope it would be a good service for you too but, if it’s not, just tell us why you won’t use it or why you couldn’t. We are really happy to learn more and improve.

So what’s up for today?
The first announcement is this: subscribing to our landing page you will get an access to try Eventify. We are reserving a limited number of accounts at this stage but we still have some available at the moment, so subscribe as soon as possible to avoid losing your chance.

And the second announcement is that subscribing now you won’t get only the account to try Eventify, but you can also manage one event for free, no credit card or billing informations required.

That’s all for today,

The Eventify Staff

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