February 11, 2014

How to promote your conference on Social Networks

We live in the Social Network era, where people spend most of their online time on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. Both of these had a big impact on our lifestyle, they changed our perceptions and our approach to a lot of things. More than that, we are all connected and “findable”, that’s why we need to keep particular attention on the social media marketing for our conference.

As an event organizer you probably have done something on social networks as a form of marketing, starting from Facebook, to Twitter and Linkedin. Some of you have probably done marketing also on Google+, Youtube or others, which are less used but still important.



We know that organizing an event is difficult and requires a lot of time, so wasting part of that in something that don’t provide a considerable result is definitely to avoid. You can spend really a lot of time on social networks promotion, but if you miss the target it will get you nowhere. For example, you should not spend time on Facebook if you are organizing a conference for physicians, they may be on Facebook of course, but probably you will gain more results using Linkedin, which is perfect for professionals and give you better instruments to find them.


You can start doing something in the spare time, but it will not be as affective as a planned set of efforts. We always suggest our conference organizer to plan a small set of operations every day, to show that you are alive, ready to promote and support your attendees. You don’t have to spam every small thing you do for the event, just the basic informations, a reminder at prefixed steps (20 days before, 10 days before, 5 days before) and the important announcements. Also, be proactive, ask your followers for doubts and provide help. This is a great way to make them feel comfortable.


A lot of event organizers stop thinking about their events the day after: this is wrong. You are in a better position promoting yourself on social networks after the event rather than before, because there is a lot materials to share (slides, videos and so on) and you have a very interested audience. So plan what to do after the event like you did before the event.
Sharing slides and video for example is awesome because you give the opportunity to your current attendees to review what happened and at the same time you are in the position to attract potential new attendees for the following edition of the event, showing them what they missed the last time.

As you can see there’s a lot to do, we created Eventify to minimize the time you spend creating and managing your conference website, so you can spend more attracting attendees through social networks and other channels. Remember to subscribe to our landing page to be the first to try it during our Beta phase, beginning in a few weeks.

In the next posts we will examine in depth what we can do on the main social networks operatively.
For now that’s all, thanks for reading.

The Eventify Staff

Image: Some rights reserved Jason A. Howie

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